No other place represents cultural variety and a contrast in lifestyle in the entire holiday region than Merano.

All year round, the town situated at the Passer river offers lots of events, with highlights from the Merano Flower Festival during Springtime, to the traditional Grape Festival in October. There are numerous other events in-between, such as the exciting internationally recognised horse race, the Merano Music Weeks, as well as high-class classic.

The town of Merano presents you with traces from all ages, particularly the late 19th Century and the Fin de Siècle, where you can still find playful witness of the blooming tourism in those times in the spa town of Merano. Beside the newly reconstructed art building which houses ‘kunst meran-merano arte‘, there are numerous buildings and monuments in the Art Nouveau and Belle Époque styles.

On the opposite side of the Passer river, with its first underground parking decorated in contemporary art, there is the actual Merano spa facility, the Wellness temple of the spa town, which combines tradition and modern lifestyle, country charm and rural chic …and offers a perfect and harmonious symbiosis.

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