Discovering the surroundings of Tesimo

5 must-sees in Merano and Environs
Overlooking the Val d'Adige, in the heart of dreamlike mountains & castles, picturesque villages & farms, magnificent fruit & sloped vineyards, lies the village of Tesimo with the fractions Prissiano, Grissiano, Narano, Caprile, Plazzoles, Schernag - strategically located amongst the colourful small town of Lana (approx. 9 km), the pretty spa town of Merano (approx. 15 km) and the lively provincial capital of Bolzano (approx. 25 km).

In the low mountain range of Tesimo-Prissiano, countless paths and hiking trails lead through unspoilt nature, along the charming village centres of Tesimo and Prissiano with their historic buildings and special attractions that make the area an unmissable holiday destination.

“Here, in an area steeped in history, nature reveals the first settlements in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, the Lombard fort of ‘Tesana’, the illustrious guests who stayed in the area's magnificent castles...”

Here are our TOP 5:

1. The Versoaln vine

the oldest vine in the world
… and probably also the largest. At Katzenzungen Castle in Prissiano, the extraordinary natural treasure welcomes you with its over 360 years. The foliage of the vine rests on a traditional pergola of chestnut wood and measures 300 sqm. The green-tinted, fruity and elegant structured Versoaln wine serves as an ambassador for South Tyrol as a wine region and can be tasted in special tours.

2. Fahlburg Castle

a true jewel in Prissiano
This wonderful residence - a former military fortress and one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in South Tyrol - in the heart of the village of Prissiano - once held the famous minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein in captivity. On a guided tour of the historic castle, you can still admire unique Renaissance elements such as panelling and tiled stoves, as well as a monumental painting by Stefan Kessler from the late Renaissance and the two-storey chapel.

3. St. Hippolyt Church

a journey through history
In the north of Tesimo near the village of Foiana and above Lana, this pretty little church, which can be reached by foot from Tesimo, dominates the hill of St.Hippolyt in Naraun/Narano. It is one of the oldest settlement sites in South Tyrol (people lived here almost 6,000 years ago) and at the same time a super panoramic vantage point - with a magnificent view over the peaks of the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park reaching all the way to Bolzano.

4. Kneipp facility in Prissiano

In the heart of the "village of castles" of Prissiano visitors receive valuable tips from the health teachings of Father Kneipp, recommended for all relaxation, health and wellness seekers. On a guided tour of the Kneipp Wellness Facility, you have the chance to learn more about Kneipp's biography.

5. International Felt Art Trail

From the parish church, take the main road to the right until you reach the Frankenberg village sign. Follow the road straight downhill to the Hotel Burggräfler. From here, the International Felt Art Trail takes you on a discovery tour of various felt art works by 24 artists from seven European countries. After a beautiful circular walk, the trail ends at the Hotel Burggräfler.

Duration: 1 - 1.25 hours
Altitude difference: 30 m

Everyone knows that mountains stimulate the appetite. So here is an absolute culinary highlight from our region:

Törggelen - if not in Tesimo, where else?
Where golden chestnut fields dominate the landscape in autumn, there is the best place for "Törggelen"! Especially in Tesimo and surroundings you can enjoy traditional dishes from the South Tyrolean cuisine, delicious roasted chestnuts and special autumn dishes. On top the Keschtnriggl Chestnut Days celebrate the culture and customs of the region, with a special emphasis on the chestnut and its place in the life and history of the local population. Who can resist?

Tesimo-Prissiano seen from above